Recycled aggregates

EKO-ZEC Sp. z o.o. manufacturing and service company sells aggregates from recycled construction waste and waste from road reconstructions and renovations. These aggregates can be used as a cheaper alternative to natural aggregates.

Recycled aggregates are used in road construction as a base and auxiliary foundation layers during, among others, construction and modernisation of road infrastructure (roads, pavements, cycle paths, squares, parking areas), as well as for levelling non-bituminous road surfaces.

The aggregates produced by EKO-ZEC have sizes within the granulation ranges of:

  • 0,0-16,0 mm (so-called siftings and undersized particles)
  • 16,0 - 31,5 mm (so-called fine aggregates),
  • 31,5 – 63,0 mm (so-called coarse aggregates)

The following types of fine and coarse aggregates are offered: concrete, asphalt, brick and brick-concrete..

Collection of aggregates is possible by using the Client's own transport and using the transport provided by EKO-ZEC.

Information on prices, terms of sale and delivery of recycled aggregates is provided by the Production and Construction Works Department, phone (061) 8 211 044 or mobile 601-889-970