Rubble recycling

The EKO-ZEC company with registered office in Poznań recycles construction waste, road renovations and demolition works waste, such as: rubble, asphalt and concrete. For this purpose, it uses a mobile jaw crusher with a vibration screens assembly (efficiency of 140 tonnes/h) and a mobile screening unit. EKO-ZEC also recycles scrap metal (mainly from construction waste) using a crushing jaw.

Recycling begins with the screening of debris and waste in the vibrating screens assembly to extract stones, remnants of foundations, impurities, etc. After the initial screening of undersized particles, the material passes into the crusher chamber where it is crushed by the crusher jaws. On screening devices, the undersized particles are divided into individual fractions set by the operator, applicable in the construction industry.

The aggregates created this way are used in road construction as a base and auxiliary foundation layers during, among others, construction and modernisation of road infrastructure (roads, pavements, cycle paths, squares, parking areas), as well as for levelling non-bituminous road surfaces.

The fines (fraction below 16.0 mm, the so-called siftings and undersized particles) on the other hand are used for increasing the gradation of recycled aggregate, to improve its mechanical properties.

In order to prevent contamination of the produced aggregate with hazardous waste, including asbestos, the rubble delivered to the crusher yard is subject to inspection by an authorized EKO-ZEC employee.