Technical infrastructure

The EKO-ZEC company has developed transport and logistics, as well as technical facilities, and a modern car and hardware base, which guarantee efficient and timely service for Clients.

Specialised installations for recycling construction rubble, as well as for producing concrete mixtures, allow the EKO-ZEC Company to manufacture products of high quality and stable performance, and to conduct business activities in accordance with environmental protection requirements.

List of fleet vehicles and equipment:

  1. Passenger and light commercial vehicles
  2. Trucks Tractors
  3. Trailers
  4. Silo semi-trailers
  5. Bulldozer
  6. Excavators
  7. Forklifts
  8. Loaders

Type of vehicles/equipment:


Mobile jaw crusher for crushing concrete and asphalt with vibrating screens assembly (efficiency: 140,000.00 Mg/year)

Mobile screening unit used for crushing, sieving and separating the appropriate aggregate fractions (efficiency: 120.00 Mg/h)

Concrete mixing plant for producing a wide range of concrete mixes (road bases, stabilisations and lean concrete) (efficiency: 225,000 Mg/year).